Ginger Bitter - Program Manager - HRLP / RBL Institute

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Areas of Expertise
Ginger is the program coordinator for The RBL Institute, our premier HR development forum.  In this capacity, she oversees the Institute workshops, mini-forums, newsletters, and webcasts.  She works closely with our RBL Institute members.

Ginger also serves as the program manager and conference coordinator for The RBL Group’s public workshops.  She organizes, markets, and facilitates programs worldwide.  Some of the public workshops Ginger is involved with are “The HR Learning Partnership,” “The HR Value Proposition,” “Leadership Brand,” and “High Performance by Design.”

In addition, Ginger is the program manager for our HR Learning Partnership, an intensive two-week learning experience for high-potential and senior HR leaders.  Learning is split between classroom discussion and applied learning through a team project.  This real business project is then put into practice in the company.  The combination of joint learning and business application add significant growth to both the individual and the team.  Ginger has managed our HR Learning Partnership since its inception, 18 years ago.

Finally, Ginger serves as the program manager for our HR development experiences which are customized to meet the needs of our clients.  These experiences combine theory (new ideas), illustration (cases of companies applying the ideas), and application (tools to personalize the ideas).  Each program is based on a proven process that give participants the understanding, tools, and commitment they need to align people practices with the firm’s overall strategy, developing HR’s competency to drive business performance.

For 25 years, Ginger operated as Dave Ulrich’s executive assistant which involved coordinating his clients, presentations, and travel.

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