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IBM, General Mills and Procter & Gamble head the 2011 list of Global Top Companies for Leaders, the most comprehensive study of organizational leadership in the world.  The Top Companies for Leaders study is conducted by Aon Hewitt, the global human resource consulting and outsourcing business of Aon Corporation, in partnership with The RBL Group, a strategic HR and leadership advisory firm, and FORTUNE Magazine.  This year’s winners were selected and ranked by an expert panel of independent judges based on criteria including strength of leadership practices and culture, examples of leader development on a global scale, alignment of business and leadership strategy, business performance and company reputation.  The 2011 list is featured on HERE, appeared in the November 21 issue of FORTUNE, and can be found below.
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When comparing the Global Top Companies for Leaders to more than 470 companies worldwide, the study identified a strong connection between business strategy and leadership strategy.  All of the Global Top Companies have articulated a clear business case for investing in leadership as a strategic imperative.  Nearly 85 percent of Top Companies say their leaders can explain how the investment in leadership affects financial performance, while only 54 percent of all other companies in the study can say the same.  In fact, 92 percent of Top Companies say their stakeholders understand how their leadership strategy creates value, compared to just 78 percent of all other organizations in the study.

“While some organizations will fail with effective leaders, all organizations will fail with ineffective leaders,” said Pete Sanborn, global leader of the Talent and Organization Practice with Aon Hewitt. “Leaders create the vision and set the tone. Strong leaders will engage and focus a workforce. Organizations can have roadmaps, processes and structures for success, but if leadership doesn’t actively support it or can’t articulate it, then these programs will fall on deaf ears, resulting in a lack of organizational focus.  The commitment to a holistic program for leadership is a cornerstone in the journey to financial success.”

Dave Ulrich, partner at The RBL Group and professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan adds, “Leadership is not just for employees anymore.  Good leaders need to behave consistently with the expectations they create for the customers, investors and communities.  When customer expectations drive leadership behaviors, a sustainable leadership brand occurs.”

Measuring Makes a Difference for Top Companies
Top Companies have metrics in place to evaluate the effectiveness of key leadership development programs, and to assess their ability to maintain a strong leadership pipeline.  All of the Top Companies evaluate their succession management programs, while just 48 percent of all other companies analyze the effectiveness of their succession efforts.  What’s more, 92 percent of Top Companies measure their leadership development processes, compared to 61 percent of the other companies, and 84 percent of Top Companies also assess their high potential programs, while only 49 percent of the rest do the same.

In terms of planning for the future, 92 percent of Top Companies measure the strength of their leadership pipeline, as well as their ability to retain leaders, while 60 percent of all other companies measure these two areas.  In addition, 92 percent of Top Companies evaluate their ability to retain high-potential/critical talent, compared to 69 percent of all other companies; and 92 percent of Top Companies also evaluate their ability to fill key positions with internal candidates, versus 58 percent of all others. 

Executive Teams at Top Companies are Actively Involved in Leadership Practices
As leaders move up the ranks at the Top Companies, they continue to be involved in development programs.  The study shows that all CEOs and senior management at Top Companies lead and participate in their organizations’ leadership development programs, versus 62 percent of CEOs and 79 percent of senior management at all other companies.  Further, 92 percent of CEOs, along with all of senior management at Top Companies are involved in coaching/mentoring initiatives, compared to 61 percent of CEOs and 79 percent of senior managers at all other companies.

Global Top Companies for Leaders
Featured below is the list of Top 25 Global Top Companies for Leaders, announced today on Conducted by Aon Hewitt, in partnership with The RBL Group and Fortune, this list was selected by an independent judges panel, consisting of world-renowned authors, professors, business executives and executive coaches:
1. IBM
2. General Mills, Inc.
3. The Procter & Gamble Company
4. Aditya Birla Management Corporation
5. Colgate-Palmolive Company
6. Hindustan Unilever
7. ICICI Bank Limited
8. McDonald’s Corporation
9. Whirlpool Corporation
10. PepsiCo, Inc
11. General Electric Company
12. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)
13. Natura Cosméticos S.A
14. Deere & Company
15. 3M Company
16. Eli Lilly and Company
17. McKinsey and Company
18. L’Oréal
19. Unilever plc
20. Siemens AG
21. Intel Corporation
22. China Vanke Co., Ltd.
23. Wipro Ltd.
24. Bharti Aritel
25. Novartis AG

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