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Who is best at building leaders and why.

Who is best at building leaders and why.

Effective leadership is the key ingredient of ongoing success. That’s why we’re dedicated to discovering what the world’s best companies to do to find, develop, and keep great leaders. We use the Top Companies for Leaders® study to identify emerging talent management trends by comparing the practices of companies around the world on hundreds of data points.

What are the best practices in leadership?

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What is the Top Companies for Leaders® study?

The Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders® study is the most comprehensive longitudinal study of talent management and leadership practices around the globe. Data is gathered from participating companies using a detailed online questionnaire. From those submissions, finalists are identified and hundreds of interviews are conducted with senior line and HR executives. A panel of expert judges then determines the global and regional winners based on their responses to the survey questionnaire and interviews as well as financial and other publicly available information.

Put the study to work.

We've spent years embedding our research into products that can help your organization improve the quality of its leadership. Here are a few good places to get started.

Leadership Assessments

Find out how your leaders measure up to the standards of effective leadership.

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Help your leaders build the competencies they need to contribute to your organization.

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Becoming a Top Company

Work with us to find out how to help your organization create a leadership capability.

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The Top Companies for Leaders Report

Using the data from the 2014 Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders® study, we've compiled a report to highlight best practices in leadership development among the world's top companies. Use it to learn how your organization measures up.

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