Executive Briefing: Top Companies For Leaders Research

An interactive introduction to leadership best practices that add value to your business and ensure stakeholder confidence in the short- and long-term.
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Two-hour to full-day workshops that include topics such as the business context for leadership development, review of the research findings and best practices, organizational strengths and developmental priorities, and action planning.

Group size is discretionary; groups can be as small as a team and as large as 100 people.
The Top Companies for Leaders study is the most comprehensive longitudinal study of talent management and leadership practices around the globe. The study began in 2002 and was conducted for the sixth time in 2011. The overall results were published in Fortune Magazine and the study was conducted by The RBL Group and Aon/Hewitt. 478 companies participated in this round, with a key informant completing a detailed 72-question survey of their leadership practices. Learn more.
Understanding how leadership contributes to the business allows participants to know how to focus time and resources on the leadership development activities with the biggest impact on customers and investors.