Organizational Diagnosis Workshops

A workshop for business managers and HR managers who want to better understand how to change a complex organization to improve its results.
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1. Increase your diagnostic skills to better understand how your organization really operates.

2. Learn some strategies and tools to improve the whole system and its results.

3. Develop greater confidence that the few things you choose to change in the organization will actually make a difference in results.
Our workshops feature hands-on activities. Participants arrive with a specific organizational problem and our expert facilitators lead them through a concrete diagnosis and solution-finding process. We offer the following three workshops:

In the Diagnosis workshop, participants learn, then practice using, tools for diagnosing organizational problems.

Diagnosis + Design
The Diagnosis and Design workshop includes tools for both diagnosing and addressing problems at the department or team level.

Advanced Design
In this workshop, participants link strategy and capabilities to organizational design. They also learn to differentiate strategic from transactional work. This workshop focuses on multi-business or multi-function redesign and is particularly relevant for HR business partners in challenging and complex organizations.
All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get. Using the Capability Alignment Model as a template for the processes of diagnosis and design can help you reshape your organization to deliver more of what your stakeholders require.