Refreshing Your Leadership Competency Model

Create a leadership competency model that creates shared understanding of what good leadership means.
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RBL will map your current competency model (if you have one) to our Leadership Code model and identify areas of over- and under-investment.

RBL consultants will work with key stakeholders to determine what your leaders need to know, do, and be in order to meet stakeholder expectations, enable the strategy, and embody the firm brand.
RBL’s Leadership Code competency model is based on decades of research on leadership and includes behavioral descriptors that are differentiated by levels in the organization (executive, director, etc.) for foundational leadership competencies. Our process for identifying differentiating competencies that are tailored to your organization’s strategy helps make sure you are developing leaders that deliver what customers and other key stakeholders expect.
Identifying gaps in your current leadership competency model and identifying differentiating competencies will help you ensure you are building the leaders you need to give your organization a competitive advantage now and in the future.

Developing leaders that are differentiated from leaders at other organizations helps build firm brand and enables strategy.