RBL Leadership Code® Workshops

An interactive introduction to the fundamental leadership competencies: Strategist, Executor, Talent Manager, Human Capital Developer, and Personal Proficiency.
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Two-hour to two-day workshops that include theory, tools, and application on topics including team building, change management, customer focus, and more. See flyer or contact us for a complete listing.

Each workshop includes a robust action-planning process.
RBL workshops are taught using a variety of interactive and engaging approaches appropriate for the level of the audience, including video cases, business simulations, best practice competitions, and group exercises.

Each of our workshops requires that participants apply what they are learning to help them better deliver expected results. Workshops can always be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.
Fundamental leadership competencies won’t differentiate your firm from others, but they are critical baseline skills for all leaders. Companies who invest in helping leaders identify what to improve and hold them accountable for improving are more successful in meeting stakeholder expectations.

Better leaders have more engaged teams, better customer results, and help the organization meet investor expectations.