Leadership Capability Online Audit

An online assessment that measures how well you build sustained leadership capability that resonates with external stakeholders.
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Leadership Brand exists when customers and investors feel that your leaders will deliver the right results the right way today and in the future.

Top companies for leaders build a Leadership Brand by integrating six key elements of what we call the RBL Leadership Brand® Architecture: 1. Business Case for Leadership, 2. Agreement on What our Leaders Must Do, 3. Assess Leaders and Leadership, 4. Invest in Leaders and Leadership, 5. Measure Leaders and Leadership, and 6. Ensure Reputation.
The RBL Leadership Brand Audit® is an online assessment that takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is administered to a senior leadership team.

RBL Assessment administrators will send you a custom link to distribute to participants. Once participants have completed the online survey, we will provide a written report summarizing the results.
This audit presents a current-state assessment of your organization's efforts to develop leadership capability. These results help you focus your organization’s resources on the elements that are most important for your organization’s success.

Leadership Brand is a powerful way to support the organization's capability to deliver the promises your organization makes to employees, customers, and investors. Linking customer expectations with leader behaviors is fundamental to high performance and delivers results that matter.