Large-scale organization design

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Who We Work With:
• Business leaders seeking to improve the organization’s leadership capability.
• Senior HR, talent, and leadership development leaders responsible for improving the quality of leadership in the organization.
Implementing and/or redesigning people systems and processes (performance management, succession, etc.) to better support leadership development requires an integrated approach developed and owned not by outside consultants, but by internal leadership and professional teams.

RBL’s experienced consultants bring a depth of research-based knowledge and a tested process for guiding internal teams to forge clarity and alignment on leadership development strategy, processes to best deliver on that strategy, and a clear plan for implementing those processes.
Research and experience demonstrates that organizations that consistently build great (even branded) leaders perform better than their peers. Effective and aligned people processes are the key to creating that ongoing, sustained leadership capability.

By combining our expertise with your internal knowledge, we facilitate your ability to develop today’s leaders while building the talent for tomorrow’s.