Measuring Confidence in the Future: Intangibles Audit

An online assessment that measures perceptions of your organization’s strength in four areas that generate intangible value.
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RBL identifies four levels of intangibles that build on each other to create a unified organization that seamlessly delivers the results stakeholders expect: Trust (Keep Our Promises), Clarity (Clear and Compelling Strategy), Execution (Align Core Competencies), Uniqueness (Build Organizational Capabilities).

These four areas form a framework for understanding how leaders impact the intangible value of the organization.
This audit is an online assessment that takes about 15 minutes to complete. The audit is administered to a senior leadership team and can include external stakeholders if desired.

Assessment administrators will send a link that you distribute to survey participants. When participants have completed the online survey, we provide a written report summarizing the results.
The audit identifies your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. These results help you identify how leaders’ actions and organizational systems may be enabling or inhibiting capability development.

Excellence in these four areas is a key component of sustaining your organization’s long-term competitive advantage.