Coaching with an outside-in focus that ties behavior to outcomes and helps individuals strengthen their personal leader brand.
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Who Participates:
Coaching is for anyone who wants to change their behavior and get better results. Coaching adds the most value when an employee takes a 360 assessment, starts work in a new position, and/or participates in a leadership development program.
1. We’ll use a menu of self- and multi-stakeholder assessments to create a starting point for coaching.
2. We’ll work with you to create the coaching process, which may include a discussion of feedback, development planning, and ongoing coaching sessions to reinforce focus and adjust strategies.
3. Follow-up stakeholder feedback during the coaching process and at its closing allows you to measure your growth.
Companies who invest in helping leaders identify what to improve and hold them accountable for improving are more successful in meeting stakeholder expectations. Better leaders have more engaged teams, better customer results, and help the organization meet investor expectations. Coaching is the most effective way to create better leaders. It creates accountability and gives them the support they need to improve.