Change Management: Implementing Large-Scale Change

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Who We Work With:
• Business executives seeking help with driving large-scale change
• Senior HR executives charged with driving transformation
• Organization development professionals needing change methodology and/or ready-to-deliver change team support solutions
• Support function leaders seeking help with driving large-scale change
RBL's experienced consultants work with your leadership team to create alignment around critical changes needed, define key change initiatives, identify an organization-wide change plan, and establish a measurement strategy. Once change teams are assigned for the key initiatives, RBL delivers change management workshops for the change teams, provides ongoing coaching or other interventions to ensure success, and helps monitor progress and make adjustments to ensure the overall objectives are achieved.
In our current rapidly changing business environment, CEOs and leadership teams urgently need to both drive large-scale transformation in the short-term and build the ongoing capability to continue to evolve in response to external realities.

By combining our change management expertise with your internal knowledge, we facilitate your ability to deliver today’s critical changes while building the talent for tomorrow’s.