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Clients who engage with us in Change Management have a common set of issues and concerns:
  • What is your approach to change management?
  • Do you have a particular change management framework you use?
  • Are you willing to work with us on a change management process and use our model?
  • Do you offer change management as a stand-alone service?
  • Do you offer a change management training program?
In addition to embedding change management into our organization strategy and transformation work, we also offer change management consulting and training. Our overall philosophy on change management is very clear; change management is best done as part of the process – built in to how you approach any improvement effort – rather than something to deal with after you have decided what changes to make. The more integrated it is as part of the creation of your solution, the more effective it will be.
One of the complexities of change is that it often happens simultaneously on 3 levels:
Institutional – change that deals with the overall enterprise. It is impacted by the leadership, culture, values, business model and overall political and/or external climate.
Initiative – change that is based on a specific initiative or project. It is impacted by sponsors, key stakeholders, department/function/business goals, and how disruptive it is to the current operations.
Individual – change that is about helping individuals turn aspirations into action. This level of change is about creating behavioral change and engaging the hearts and minds of the broader workforce.
While we have change models and approaches for each of the 3 levels of change, we are very adaptable and comfortable with any number of models. The key for us is making sure that change management is done in an integrated way and that each appropriate level is being worked as part of the change process.

Client Insights & Impact

A global clothing brand transforming its business found it was trying to drive multiple change efforts without a change methodology. Without the skills or a common, comprehensive methodology, many of those changes were stalling. By bringing the 35 HR people supporting the initiatives into a single session, they were able to significantly upgrade HR’s change management skills, implement a common methodology, and evaluate all the change efforts simultaneously. This evaluation revealed a common pattern in where change was working and where it wasn’t across all the initiatives.
We often collaborate with other internal or external change specialists as well. For example, with a global retailer who had a strong internal change management COE, we worked with their internal team to integrate their existing change processes into a broader OD development initiative, co-facilitating the training and integrating their model into the training. For a healthcare company who had an external change group they were used to working with, we coordinated the individual-level change with that external group while leading the organizational change.
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