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Strategy Integration & Business Design
Clients who engage with us in Strategy Integration and Business Design have a common set of issues and concerns:
  • How many businesses do we have and what is the role of the enterprise versus the business?
  • How do we clarify our business model and strategy to connect it with the design of the organization?
  • How to optimize structure to balance ongoing tensions between function/geography/product, centralized/decentralized, global/local, etc.
  • How do we organize to enable growth?
  • How do we restructure and do reductions in a strategic way?
  • How do we get better alignment with support work?
  • How do we streamline the organization and eliminate handoffs?
  • How do we increase integration and improve collaboration across structures?
Our work in this area can broadly be categorized of 3 areas: companies that are growing so quickly that the organization can’t keep up, companies that are stable but have a desire to significantly improve performance, and companies that are in a bad situation and need help with a systemic approach to a turnaround.
We typically start with the business and the core work but occasionally will focus on key support functions or even shared services. Regardless of your situation or starting point, we will encourage you to design for an ideal future and will challenge you not to base your decisions on current capability, current roles, or current structure.
Design is not an end, but a means to executing your strategy. The ultimate objective of design is to optimize capabilities that drive advantage for your business. Our approach begins “outside in” to clarify critical external demands/opportunities that help connect your strategy with the design of the organization. As part of this, we work with you to translate the outside in understanding into an identification of your key capabilities.
The understanding of key capabilities helps define the core processes that drive growth and clarifies why customers should choose you over your competition. Varying answers to these questions imply different organization choices and become important anchors to the design process.
Our goal is to help you answer these questions clearly enough to design and align an organization that delivers targeted, distinctive capability with your customers. Our systems based approach:

  • Identifies/clarifies core advantage processes
  • Groups and organizes work in a way that creates strategic focus and accountability
  • Designs structural solutions that create line of sight around the work that matters most and drives your organization
  • Defines key roles and accountabilities that increase your capability, drive your strategy, and connect key parts of the organization
  • Clarifies the direction requirements flow (tail versus dog) and establishes collaboration mechanisms
  • Defines the resulting performance and behaviors required for success

Client Insights & Impact

During a period of high growth, the leadership of an oil business became increasingly clear that while each of the individual functions were meeting their respective goals and objectives, overall performance of the business was not improving and in some cases was declining. They had done everything they knew how to do to get the functions connected and nothing was working. Our work helped them see how they had lost sight of the core work, spread it out through 6 different functions, and focused on driving the business through the functions rather than the core work. By creating a team-based organization focused on organization-wide goals and objectives they were able to get to the performance they knew was possible.
A commercial printing company had over 15 different businesses in core and adjacent markets that were all dominated by the logic of the core print business—maximize printing capacity. While organizing and delivering around that logic gave them great success in their core businesses, it impeded performance in other businesses. By helping identify three different types of businesses (printing capacity, material distribution, and customer service) they were able to design businesses that had been under-performing around their real competitive work and dramatically increase performance.
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