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Approach & Principles
Our Approach:
Alignment Driven.
Our frameworks and methodology are designed to create alignment and focus resources on the activities that matter. Alignment is the outcome of linking outside-in logic with strategy, capabilities, organization design, leadership, and people.
Client Owned.
We combine our experience with your internal expertise to come up with the best solution. While we bring a strong point of view around context, methodology, and team process, our process is designed to engage your organization in a way that generates internal ownership and simplifies implementation.
We embed change management from the beginning to the end. By involving the people who do the work in how the work should be done, our approach yields a comprehensive, integrated and executable design and capability development plan.

Our Design Principles

Begin with an outside-in perspective
Ultimate value is determined by external customers and stakeholders. Functional and process design enables the strategy to deliver on stakeholder expectations.
Strategy drives organization, not just structure
Effective strategy identifies the work that makes you distinctive. Effective organizations are clear about when to say yes and when to say no.
Be clear on what is being optimized
You need to be clear about who supports who and which direction requirements flow. Strategy and capabilities are the basis for this clarity.
All work is not created equal
Some work should be designed using efficiency logic. Some work should be designed using effectiveness logic. Effectiveness work and efficiency work should be separated.
Separate transition issues from design decisions
Design for an “Ideal Future,” not people, current capability, or exceptions. The design must be doable, but needs to push forward.

Our Design Methodology:

Organization isn’t about structure, it’s about capability. Our Systems Design Model helps you optimize your key capabilities, see your organization as a system, and focus on the key variables that impact your customers.

Our Approach v. Others

Senior client partner and multiple junior consultants
Limited client team members
Bring in-depth industry expertise, including proprietary data and benchmarks, external analyses
Develop a solution for the organization to implement
Broadly experienced, senior consultants who partner with internal client teams to develop and own fitted solutions
Provide strategic frameworks and methodologies to guide process
Facilitate process and challenge internal assumptions with clear points of view and relevant examples
Embed change management and implementation bias from start to end
Develop and leverage best and brightest internal capability
Facilitator working with internal team
Manage meetings (not content)
Use team process, meeting management skills, and expertise in dealing with dysfunctional teams
Team possesses sufficient domain expertise and can be the sole source of content and technical input
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