Leadership Transformation & Alignment

Instead of defining leadership as a generic list of attributes created by an internal research project or committee, we go outside-in to connect leadership behavior with the firm’s identity in the mind of customers and investors.

Common Client Issues and Concerns

  • Our current leadership development isn't connected to business results.
  • We're missing an integrated, strategic plan for growing leaders.
  • We don't have the depth of successors we need.
  • We struggle to articulate why leadership development matters in a way that resonates with our leaders.
  • We have different versions of what we want leaders to do in different regions or businesses.

How We Help

We do more than help companies create differentiated individual leaders. We help them create a system to build leadership capability that will stand out against competitors and increase value for all stakeholders. Our leadership development work can facilitate both broad business transformation challenges as well as specific leadership capability improvement initiatives. Leadership capability engagements ensure that leadership development efforts are worth the investment in time, money, and energy. This is done by integrating and optimizing the six elements of the RBL Leadership Brand® Architecture:

  1. Build a business case for leadership

    The business case shows how leadership investments contribute to organization goals. It also ensures that investments in leadership are sustainable.

  2. Agree on what leaders must do

    A statement of leadership brand articulates what attributes leaders must have: foundational competencies (Leadership Code) and differentiating competencies (organization specific).

  3. Assess leaders and leadership

    In this stage, we work with the company to determine how to best assess leaders and invest in leadership development.

  4. Invest in leaders and leadership

    The process of investing in leaders and leadership creates ongoing leadership development including: coursework, coaching, experiential learning, assessments, etc.

  5. Measure leaders and leadership

    Measuring leaders and leadership could include measures of bench strength, talent retention, action learning project, variance reductions, etc.

  6. Ensure reputation

    Ensuring reputation involves two critical activities: sharing the results and ensuring the brand is not being undermined.

The RBL Leadership Brand® Architecture's 6 elements

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