Leadership Code

We’ve synthesized decades of empirical research and theorizing about leadership and created an assessment designed to help you know how well you’ve mastered the five fundamentals of leadership.


The RBL Leadership Code® is a research-based synthesis of the critical knowledge, skills, and attributes essential for effective leadership. The Code draws on interviews with renowned leadership theorists, researchers, and consultants who together have written over 60 books and thousands of articles, and have administered over two million leadership 360 assessments. This research found that all effective leaders share attributes reflected in five simple rules which we call the RBL Leadership Code.


Strategists keep the long-term perspective on the organization in the competitive landscape at the forefront. They can clearly articulate a vision that is exciting and energizing for the organization and create strategic traction that gets the strategy implemented. They create consensus around how best to organize and respond to achieve the vision.


Executors keep the near-term perspective on the organization in the competitive landscape at the forefront. They enjoy living in the concrete and actionable world of execution and are clear and decisive in getting things done through the people in their organization. They set clear priorities and accountabilities and get things done.

Talent Manager

Talent Managers keep the near-term perspective on the people in the organization at the forefront. They know that it is the talent in the organization that will allow it to achieve its goals and ensure that people have what they need to deliver those goals. They create an open, positive leadership climate that engages employees hearts, hands, and minds.

Human Capital Developer

Human Capital Developers keep the long-term perspective on the people in the organization at the forefront. They keep a clear line of sight between the future strategy and the skills and competencies that will be required to deliver that strategy and are gifted coaches and sponsors who know how and why to develop the right talent for the future.

Personal Proficiency

At the core of the Leadership Code are the personal qualities and characteristics of the leader. This is personal proficiency. A leader who is personally proficient can answer in the affirmative the question: “Am I prepared to lead?”

Assessment Options

360 Assessment

The 360 assessment gives access online for one participant and unlimited raters, which include a supervisor, peers, and direct reports. The individual report includes comparisons to global norms and rater responses and comments from other raters.

  • ParticipantCheckmark
  • SupervisorCheckmark
  • PeersCheckmark
  • Direct ReportsCheckmark

180 Assessment

The 180 assessment gives access online for one participant and one supervisor. The individual report includes comparisons to global norms and responses and comments from the supervisor.

  • ParticipantCheckmark
  • SupervisorCheckmark
  • Peers
  • Direct Reports

Self Assessment

The self-assessment gives access online for one participant and an individual report.

  • ParticipantCheckmark
  • Supervisor
  • Peers
  • Direct Reports

Report Highlights

  • See how you scored on the 27 competencies of The Leadership Code
  • Identify your strengths as well as areas to focus your future development
  • See how you compare to high performing leaders
  • Read verbatim comments written from your raters
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the assessments?

Leaders and aspiring leaders at all levels in the organization will benefit from being evaluated.

How much do the assessments cost?

Costs for the assessments are estimated on a per-participant basis with volume discounts available. Please contact us for specific pricing.

How long do the assessments take?

The assessments are conducted online and take between 15–30 minutes to complete.

When will I receive my report?

Participants will be given their report at the end of the survey period or during the feedback workshop.

Are the assessments available in languages besides English?

Yes. They are currently available in English, Spanish (Latin America), Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese (simplified).

What is the Code?

The RBL Leadership Code is a result of research that defines core elements of what makes an effective leader, no matter your role or level in an organization.

Is the Code empirically validated?

Yes, it is based on research and interviews with leadership theorists, researchers, and consultants. All items have been analyzed for reliability, consistency, and predictive validity.

Can we customize the assessment?

Yes, we will work with you to make sure that the assessment matches your organization’s unique competency model.

What results can I expect?

Many of our clients have used these assessments to improve their leaders. Please visit our client cases page to learn about the impact these assessments have had in their organizations.

Find out how the RBL Leadership Code assessments could help your organization.