The Leadership Academy

The RBL Leadership Academy is a fully customizable program that incorporates the best leadership development practices of top companies around the world. It combines customized content, individual coaching and follow-up, and real-world applications designed to accelerate development of a cadre of leaders to improve business results.

Academy Overview

The RBL Leadership Academy is a fully customizable, intense training workshop designed to maximize the leadership skills that all leaders—regardless of industry, talent, or predispostion—must have. Leaders who participate in the workshop can expect to dive deeply into the key concepts for your organization, including understanding and providing organizational direction, developing leadership in others, managing human capital, executing the work, and maintaining personal reserves for the rigors of leadership. In addition to the conceptual changes demanded by this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to apply their learning in an organization-sponsored action learning project supported by experienced coaches.


The RBL Leadership Academy is up to a four-module learning and growing experience that helps leaders reach their full potential within their organization. The initial workshop begins after each participant has taken a 360 evaluation of his or her strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness and begun the process of self-evaluation through RBL’s online tool, Momentum. Each of the four modules can be scheduled consecutively or individually. and can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Module 1: Direction

In this first workshop, participants learn to evaluate and create strategy and how to manage human capital in order to carry it out. They focus on stakeholders and their needs, explore customer needs and how to involve the best customers in planning and decision-making, learn how to develop organizational capabilities, and use strategic stories to disseminate the strategy once it has been identified.

Module 2: Execution

The second workshop builds on the first (but, as with the other modules, doesn’t rely on its content). In this module, participants focus on carrying out the work of the organization. Initially the participants will work on individual skills, then teams, then decision-making. They will learn about accountability and master the elements of successful change initiatives to adapt the work to the goal.

Module 3: People Power

The third workshop is designed to bring out the best in people. Participants begin with looking at talent trends and managing career stages. Then the participants explore peak performance, building competence, increase engagement through VOICE, and use the REAP coaching model to achieve desired results quickly.

Module 4: Personal Power

The fourth workshop returns to the leader and focuses on the personal foundation of great leadership. Participants learn to manage physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual resources and to create a personal career orientation and a personal leader brand.

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