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Level-Up Leadership: Increasing Effectiveness and Impact of Leadership at Different Levels

Last year, we pulled data from over 13,000 global leaders and over 80,000 rater data points collected over the past ten years to look at how the Leadership Code varies at these different levels.  What exactly is different about the work of an executive? A middle manager? A front-line leader?  This article summarizes these findings.

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Building a Robust Leadership Development Program

In recent years, U.S. companies spent an estimated $12 billion on leadership development programs (O’Leonard, 2010) and services with respondents to a recent survey saying that only a quarter of their training programs were effective at measurably improving performance. At RBL we’ve done extensive research (Murphy, 2011) and have decades of collective experience working with the top leadership companies around the world. That experience has taught us what works and what doesn’t when creating an effective and impactful leadership development program.

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Coaching for Results

This article begins with the basic philosophy of coaching required for either behavior or strategy results. It then discusses key tenants and an approach for both behavior and strategy coaching, then concludes with challenges for executives who want coaching for results and coaches who want to deliver results.

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Leadership as a Brand

Product brands are pervasive; in fact, we buy certain products in part because their brand reflects our self-identity. However, the emphasis in branding has shifted from products to the firms that produce or design them. Today it is less a specific product that entices the customer and more the reputation of the firm—and the firm’s brand is sustained and enhanced by the firm’s leadership brand.