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How HR Can Create Value For The Business

In an effort to improve alignment and avoid the resulting frustration among HR and business functions, I would like to suggest two fundamental shifts in the way we look at value creation.

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Living Up To Our Potential: How to Make Progress in HR

No question that in today’s changing business landscape, HR has the potential to respond to value-creating opportunities around talent, leadership, and organization, and to become pivotal for business success and employee well-being. But HR doesn’t always realize this potential.

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Mark Nyman /

Collaboration Conundrum, Part 2

As illustrated in Part 1 of this article series, the conundrum with collaborations is the more we push for collaboration, the more we see wasted time and slower decision-making. Over time we have learned principles and lessons that help manage the conundrum and allow collaboration to be  effective. We begin by making a few decisions, guided by simple principles, which help determine the optimal approach to use.

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Jessica Johnson /

Coaching — Can I get a Witness?

As coaches, we need to be present for our clients. Whether we are meeting in-person, connecting on video chat, or talking on the phone—setting ourselves up so we can be authentically present for them is one of the greatest gifts we can give as a coach.