Dave Ulrich discusses the latest results of the HR Competency Study, round 7.

We are delighted to present the results of the 7th round of the HR competency study. For almost 30 years the HRCS has empirically defined the competencies of HR professionals and how those competencies impact performance. In this round we collected over 30,000 worldwide surveys rating the competencies and performance of more than 4,000 HR professionals from more than 1,500 organization units. The results simultaneously build upon insights from prior rounds and generate new insights for HR.

What are the definitive skills of effective HR?

30,000+ Respondents Worldwide

HRCS Model: Round 7

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my company benefit from being involved?

The results will help your company by comparing your individual and collective competencies against global benchmarks. Building on this base, you and your colleagues will then be able to better implement business strategies. You will also be able to prepare competency-based developmental action plans for yourselves and for your department in order to increase your impact on your company’s performance. Professionals from participating companies will also be invited to attend a one-day feedback conference in which the results of the study are reviewed, and HR trends impacting businesses are examined, if the region elects to hold a conference.

What are the objectives of the HRCS?

Our objective for this round of the HRCS was to continually evaluate how HR competencies are changing and how those competencies drive business performance. In this round of the study, we aimed to:

  • Further understand the unique competencies of different regions.

  • Collect more detailed data on how HR competencies help to develop specific organization capabilities in areas such as information, collaboration, innovation, risk management, strategic clarity, talent, and change.

  • Examine HR's impact on alternative business performance measures.

  • Identify cause and effect relationships between specific organization practices and performance metrics.
Can I still participate in the study?

Data collection for this round of the study is closed, but you can still take the assessment here.

What languages are available?

The study is available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

HRCS Round 7 Report

In this report, we answer two questions: How do HR professionals deliver value and how do HR departments deliver value? The results simultaneously build upon insights from prior rounds and generate new insights for HR.

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Round 7 of the Human Resource Competency Study is sponsored by the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and The RBL Group with support from our regional partners around the globe.

If you have questions, please reach out to us at hrcs2015@rbl.net