Strategy Clarification and Organizational Redesign

Business Challenge

A pharmaceutical company asked us to help them redesign HR and create an HR strategy. However, as we spent time with the HR executive team, it became clear that we were starting in the wrong place. To develop the HR strategy, the business needed to be redesigned and there needed to be clarity about the overall business strategy. The industry was changing quickly and the client saw a real shift coming in the products and services they were offering, and they had no clear sense of how they differentiated their business.


Next, we held a strategy workshop for the executive team. We had them identify the strategic direction of the organization and we began doing organization design work on two major businesses they had identified. We worked with internal design teams to create an entirely different business model, one that was focused primarily on connecting with their customers.


We helped each business clarify their strategy and organization design and clarified what they were accountable for. By developing the right organization with the right capabilities to deliver on the strategy, this work added millions of dollars of value to the organization.