Case Study

Upgrading Leadership Capability

The Problem

A Middle Eastern telecommunications company was looking to upgrade the quality of its leadership in order to better meet customer needs, increase and sustain employee productivity, and support its continued growth.

They partnered with The RBL Group to design and deliver a leadership development program that would help the company meet these goals and continue to deliver value.

The Solution

RBL helped the company design and deliver a year-long Leadership Academy that included 360 and psychometric assessments, action learning projects, coaching sessions, and educational workshops that focused on building competency in the fundamentals of effective leadership (The Leadership Code) and the company’s Leadership Brand differentiators.

This integrated approach allowed participants to connect their individual development with the daily realities of on-the-job leadership challenges and build a cohesive language for leadership throughout the organization. Each participant identified challenges they were currently facing and made progress toward overcoming them by applying learning, tools, and frameworks from the workshops and coaching sessions.

The Outcome

  • 86% of participants achieved higher levels of competency in their selected focus areas.
  • 76% of participants demonstrated growth in their career development stage.
  • The group improved in every leadership domain as measured by follow-up 360 group averages compared to their initial 360 averages.
  • All participants successfully completed action learning projects that addressed actual problems facing the organization.
  • Participating in the workshops enabled leaders to build a broader network across the organization.