Case Study

Refocusing on Ethical Leadership

The Problem

A global financial services company had experienced significant success and had built an enviable brand. While the overall firm continued to see strong growth and success, isolated decentralized businesses began to experience some ethical problems. The firm’s global leadership recognized that these seemingly isolated incidents would threaten their continued success and invited The RBL Group to assist them in creating a solution that would restore customer, regulator, and employee confidence.

The Solution

The RBL Group joined the client’s senior management to design a custom workshop aimed at the top 1% of the company’s executives. The workshop was to be delivered in a period of five months to thousands of executives across the globe.

Features of the workshop included:

  • Reviewing “lessons learned” from the past year, using case studies to illustrate both good and bad examples and their impact on bottom line results
  • Ensuring executives knew how to behave consistently with expected company behaviors—something the firm had already outlined as critical to customers, to each other, and to the franchise

The workshop was designed and delivered in record time to executives across the globe, from New York to Tokyo to Hong Kong to Mexico City to London.

The Outcome

  • The workshop, while initially received with skepticism by executives, gradually created a groundswell of support.
  • Executive support intensified as stakeholders responded favorably to a company addressing ethical crises in a strong, proactive way.
  • As the firm demonstrated—internally and externally—that they were a company that wanted the right results in the right way, regulators responded favorably, analysts’ jitters subsided, employee confidence was restored, and customers regained confidence that their financial partners were uncompromising.