Strategic HR
08.14.18   by Dave Ulrich
How Should the HR Department be Organized? Relationships Over Roles
Debates continue about how to organize HR departments. Should HR work be centralized, decentralized, or some combination?
08.03.18   by Dave Ulrich
Belonging: An Emerging (Next) Leadership and HR Agenda

What is the leading cause of mortality? The answer may surprise you. 

07.17.18   by Dave Ulrich
Being Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable: Advice to New CHROs and Others!

As I reflect on preparing new CHROs, I wonder if we should also help them learn to accept being uncomfortable?

07.09.18   by Darryl Wee
How HR Can Create Value For The Business
In an effort to improve alignment and avoid the resulting frustration among HR and business functions, I would like to suggest two fundamental shifts in the way we look at value creation.
06.19.18   by Dave Ulrich
Living Up To Our Potential: How to Make Progress in HR
No question that in today’s changing business landscape, HR has the potential to respond to value-creating opportunities around talent, leadership, and organization, and to become pivotal for business success and employee well-being. But HR doesn’t always realize this potential.
06.05.18   by Dave Ulrich
Purpose, Values, Brand, and Culture: Gobbledygook or Great Insights?

My father was a mid-level government manager. I recall that when he would return from well-intended off-sites designed to shape the future, he would often be cynical about the erudite discussion that had little real impact. Gobbledygook, he would suggest.

04.24.18   by Dave Ulrich
HR Need Not Be Your Friend to Be Effective
Some have lately demeaned HR because they are “not your friend.” Let me offer three tips or advice about HR’s true role and how their expertise delivers real value.
04.16.18   by Michael Phillips
Don’t Think Strategy, Think Strategic Process
A few years ago, Dave Ulrich and I published an article in Leadership Excellence entitled “The Vowels of Strategy.”  This piece has become the basis for many discussions and training sessions about how to involve the entire workforce in the strategic process, a subject I address frequently with clients. Since the publication of this article and following new insights from client engagements, I’ve updated elements of this framework.
04.10.18   by Dave Ulrich
HR’s Five Actions in Crafting a Business Digital Strategy
In recent years, HR professionals have become increasingly focused on adding value through strategic work more than administrative work. To further this strategic HR focus, we have identified five actions HR professionals can pursue to help make a digital business agenda happen.
03.27.18   by Dave Ulrich
Human Resources (HR) Business Partner 2.0
The business partner concept has dramatically evolved from roles and outcomes to a logic of how HR delivers value to employees, organizations, customers, investors, and communities through individual talent  leadership throughout an organization, and organization capabilities. HR’s evolution will continue as current business issues place HR center stage (e.g., digital information age, #MeToo movement) and HR needs to continually upgrade to respond; but it is useful to move at this time from business partner 1.0 to business partner 2.0. 
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