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  • Capitalizing on Capabilities - HBR

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    By making the most of organizational capabilities; employees’ collective skills and fields of expertise; you can dramatically improve your company’s market value. Although there is no magic list of proficiencies that every organization needs to succeed, the authors identify 11 intangible assets that well-managed companies tend to have: Talent, speed, shared mind-set and coherent brand identity, accountability, collaboration, learning, leadership, customer connectivity, strategic unity, innovation, and efficiency.

  • Care for Care Givers

    The recent global economic recession has placed HR professionals on the front line. In addition to the stress of playing visible roles to streamline their companies; they face invisible stress about their own roles and job security. This article outlines five areas where HR professionals might care for themselves drawn on work from psychology, change, and leadership development.

  • Coaching For Results

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    This article outlines a results-based coaching philosophy and defines critical success factors for achieving behavioral and strategic results through coaching. It also includes a Strategy Coaching Playbook to help deliver strategy coaching.

  • Common Viruses: A Tool for Overcoming Viruses that Prevent Change

    In his recent article “Are you a Change Agent?” published in the June 9, 2008 edition of Workforce Management, Dave Ulrich mentioned “Nine Unspeakable Viruses” that prevent change and made reference to a larger list. This document provides a listing of all 32 viruses that prevent successful change within organizations.

  • Competency Models with Impact

    The leadership marketplace is little different with thousands upon thousands of books, theories, websites, workshops, models, movies, and blogs inundating leaders with hundreds of behaviors, attitudes, and skills that are required to be effective.

    Originally published in HR | People & Strategy - Volume 35 Issue 3 2012

  • Cracking the Leadership Code

    If you Google the words “leader” and “leadership”, there are 534 million results. If you Google the word “subordinate” there are more than 25 million results. So, almost 20 times more has been written about leadership than about being a good subordinate. Maybe we have identified the crux of the leadership challenge - not enough followers!

  • Creating Confidence in Crisis

    In the face of the most severe economic crisis since the depression of the 1930s, organizations and their leaders worldwide are reeling as they seek to set direction, gain traction and find confidence.

  • Demystifying the Coaching Mystique

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    Any good leader wants to get better. To improve, leaders have attended seminars, read books, shadowed colleagues, received formal (and informal) feedback, and taken on new assignments. In recent years, coaching has been the rage. So much so that coaching has almost become all things to all people.

  • Developing Your Organization’s Brand as a Talent Developer

    This article introduces the concept of the branded talent developer, an organization that emphasizes the career and developmental opportunities it offers as a means of gaining competitive advantage in the war for talent. The authors describe the financial and operating advantages earned by these organizations in attracting and retaining talented employees. They also characterize the nine qualities that differentiate branded talent developers from other organizations, and the difficulties inherent in…

  • Effective Leaders - Leadership Excellence - April 2013

    When we ask people, What makes an effective leader?, their responses tend to cover the same personal attributes: setting a vision, having integrity, communicating well, being bold, making things happen, etc. This approach is half right. Yes, leaders need to have effective attributes —but they also need to get results. In fact, leaders need to deliver five results for five key constituents…

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