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  • Are We There Yet?

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    Many in HR seem to be asking the question, “Are we there yet?” Too often, many in HR seek but never seem to arrive at their destination. HR must move beyond ‘administrative service’ or ‘compliance function’ and arrive at ‘business partner with credibility.’ In this article, Dave Ulrich suggests and discusses steps in the journey ahead.

  • Building Capability: HR Strategic Partnering Skills

    In the effort to continue to add more value to the business, no HR role is more critical than the strategic HR partner. Embedded in the business, the ability of strategic HR partners to rise above the transactional HR demands and become full partners with their business leaders in setting and implementing strategy makes or breaks an HR organization’s strategic contribution.

  • Building the 21st Century HR Organization: Part 1 - Are Your HR and Business Structures Aligned?

    Are Your HR and Business Structures Aligned?
    For HR to be a success it must start with a clear strategy that delivers value and a structure that reflects the organization of the company. To align HR with its business organizations, HR leaders must first understand the model of business they serve and implications for HR design.

    In a recently published article we looked at companies along a grid of…

  • Building the 21st Century HR Organization: Part 2 - The Five Roles of HR

    The HR organization is positioned to create value and deliver capabilities when it reflects the structure of the business. This leads to questions about how to specifically organize an HR department to fulfill these needs.

  • Care for Care Givers

    The recent global economic recession has placed HR professionals on the front line. In addition to the stress of playing visible roles to streamline their companies; they face invisible stress about their own roles and job security. This article outlines five areas where HR professionals might care for themselves drawn on work from psychology, change, and leadership development.

  • Career Orientations

    Some of the brightest in the business have struggled with this issue of building their companies around generational differences and find the solution evasive.

  • Change and HR

    Change happens. In today’s world, fueled by technology and demographics and driven by social and economic uncertainty, volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity happen far more often. The half life of idea has gotten increasingly shorter and organizations that took 50 years to create can be outdated in months.

  • Change Insights and HR Implications

    Ten succinct insights on change that shape how HR professionals become change champions.
    Article originally written for publication in India NHRDN

  • Change Insights and HR Implications

    The pace of change is rising exponentially. Change occurs in every part of our personal and professional lives. Fueled by technology, we see increased globalization, customization, political and regulatory reform, economic swings, information flow, customer/employee expectations, aspiring leaders, and organizational transformation. Individuals face an ever-shorter half-life of knowledge as change emanates from new knowledge made more accessible through the Internet.

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