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Mike Ulrich

  • Change Insights and HR Implications

    Ten succinct insights on change that shape how HR professionals become change champions.
    Article originally written for publication in India NHRDN

  • Evolving Expertise

    No one can deny the incredible uncertainty global businesses have been facing in the last five years. Their list of challenges grows almost daily: prolonged recession; national and organizational debt crises;
    government bailouts; the Arab Spring and other political uncertainty; rise of cloud technology and social media; and increased employee skills, uncertainty and cynicism. These business contextual changes have required a new set of competencies for HR professionals.

  • HR Competencies for Success

    Over the course of 25 years, the HR Competency Study has chronicled what it means to be an effective HR professional. It requires not just knowing the body of knowledge that defines the profession, but being able to apply that knowledge to business challenges.

  • HR From the Outside In

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    Can HR deliver value to “the business”? That is just what this book is about. Following on the heels of The WHY of Work and HR Transformation, it’s fill with tips for guiding and empowering HR professionals—and entire departments—so that HR might bring benefits of a different kind to everyone at your organization.

    Informed by the author’s global Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS) research, HR…

  • HR Talent and the New HR Compentencies

    In a world of increasing change, complexity, and competitiveness, there has never been a greater need to help HR professionals identify what it means to contribute more fully, effectively, and insightfully.

    Article originally written for publication in Strategic HR Review.

  • New HR Competencies: Business Partnering from the Outside-In

    Being an effective HR professional is not just knowing the body of knowledge that defines the profession but being able to apply that knowledge to business challenges. HR effectiveness matters more than ever because leaders of business and not-for-profit leaders have increasingly recognized the importance of individual abilities (talent), organization capabilities (culture), and leadership as key to the success of their organizations. Originally prepared for publication in HR Magazine UK.

  • The Future is Now: HR Competencies for High Performance

    HR professionals should be the corporate thought leaders in framing the HR strategy through which the people and organization may be positioned to create competitive advantage.
    Article originally written for publication in Employment Relationship today.

  • The Leadership Gap

    Published in the CFA Magazine, Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood, and Michael Ulrich discuss The Leadership Gap. Investors make decisions based on information that they believe can improve their performance and mitigate their risk. If leaders know what investors are looking for when making investment choices, they can share better information with those targeted investors.

  • Victory Through Organization

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    Victory Through Organization empirically shows that shifting your focus from developing individual competencies to creating organization capabilities results in 4 times more business impact. Filled with fact-based insights from over 32,000 global respondents and field-tested strategies, it demonstrates that organizational success isn’t just about the talent you have― but the collective organization that makes individual talent better.