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Dave Hanna

  • Designing Organizations for High Performance

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    A practical guide to developing higher levels of performance in large organizations through changes in strategy, organization design, and culture. This guide presents detailed descriptions of ways in which individuals intervened in their organizations, how they arrived at their plans, and how it resulted in improved effectiveness and better business results for the organization.

  • Organization Development and Human Resources Management

    We like to say it is synergy that makes business teams so effective—the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. But for the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts, new relationships must be forged among those parts. If all the parts do is co-exist side by side, there is no synergy.

    *This article was originally published in OD Practitioner (Journal of the Organization…

  • The Organizational Survival Code: Seven Capabilities to Get the Results You Want

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    Many organizations are on the endangered species list in this 21st century. Globalization and economic ups and downs are testing the limits of even the most effective enterprises. More than 50 percent of the Top Global 100 companies fall off the list within 10 years. The Organizational Survival Code is comprised of seven organizational capabilities that have helped corporations extend their corporate lifecycle. Through the book’s many case examples from…

  • The Organizational Systems Model

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    A common error in organizational improvement work is to address certain design elements in isolation. Because of this flaw in approach, setting a strategy, adjusting the executive compensation system, revising hiring criteria, downsizing, outsourcing, and similar activities too often do not deliver the desired outcomes.

    The Organizational Systems Model (OSM) is a framework for keeping in perspective the big picture of key variables that impact organizational performance.