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Jon Younger

  • New HR Competencies: Business Partnering from the Outside-In

    Being an effective HR professional is not just knowing the body of knowledge that defines the profession but being able to apply that knowledge to business challenges. HR effectiveness matters more than ever because leaders of business and not-for-profit leaders have increasingly recognized the importance of individual abilities (talent), organization capabilities (culture), and leadership as key to the success of their organizations. Originally prepared for publication in HR Magazine UK.

  • Stress Testing HR Strategy and Effectiveness

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    As HR is increasingly expected to grow in performance and contribution, organization leaders need a simple but robust model of HR effectiveness.  This paper provides such a model, reviewing ten critical characteristics of world-class HR organizations.  In doing so, it provides a comprehensive and robust methodology for “stress testing” HR that provides a logical and research-based approach to assessment and improvement planning, with implications for both research and practice.

  • Succession and Failure - HBR

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    Norman Windom, the chairman of Tiverton Media, may not know much about the world of popular music, but he does fancy himself a careful planner and a superb judge of managerial talent. That’s why he’s been grooming COO Sean Kinnane, a Wharton-minted numbers man, to take over an important division, Aleph Records, and one day Tiverton itself. But Derek Solomon, Aleph’s 68-year-old CEO and founder, remains a creative force and…

  • The A to Z of Becoming a Business Ally

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    Effective HR professionals must understand both the business and external factors that influence the success of their companies. We often refer to this competency as being a “Business Ally”. This paper provides HR professionals with ideas about where to go for information about their business, their industry, and its competitive context in order to develop this competence.

  • The Future is Now: HR Competencies for High Performance

    HR professionals should be the corporate thought leaders in framing the HR strategy through which the people and organization may be positioned to create competitive advantage.
    Article originally written for publication in Employment Relationship today.

  • The State of the HR Profession

    Over the last 25 years, HR evolved to become a more global profession. New study data has enabled us to answer three questions about the state of the HR profession. What are the personal demographics of HR professionals? What are the competencies of HR professionals and how do they affect (1) the perceived effectiveness of HR professionals and (2) business performance? What characteristics of HR departments best predict business performance?

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