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Wayne Brockbank

Wayne Brockbank
  • Building Culture from the Outside-in

    Traditional views of organizational culture have one thing in common; they define culture from the inside-out: who we are, what we do, and how we do it. In this article, the authors suggest that a more robust and practical approach to leveraging culture is to identify and shape culture from the outside-in.

  • Building the 21st Century HR Organization: Part 1 - Are Your HR and Business Structures Aligned?

    Are Your HR and Business Structures Aligned?
    For HR to be a success it must start with a clear strategy that delivers value and a structure that reflects the organization of the company. To align HR with its business organizations, HR leaders must first understand the model of business they serve and implications for HR design.

    In a recently published article we looked at companies along a grid of…

  • Building the 21st Century HR Organization: Part 2 - The Five Roles of HR

    The HR organization is positioned to create value and deliver capabilities when it reflects the structure of the business. This leads to questions about how to specifically organize an HR department to fulfill these needs.

  • Change Insights and HR Implications

    Ten succinct insights on change that shape how HR professionals become change champions.
    Article originally written for publication in India NHRDN

  • Change Insights and HR Implications

    The pace of change is rising exponentially. Change occurs in every part of our personal and professional lives. Fueled by technology, we see increased globalization, customization, political and regulatory reform, economic swings, information flow, customer/employee expectations, aspiring leaders, and organizational transformation. Individuals face an ever-shorter half-life of knowledge as change emanates from new knowledge made more accessible through the Internet.

  • Competencies for HR Professionals Working Outside-In

    Business contextual changes have required a new set of competencies for HR professionals. In this newly completed round of HR Competency study research, we have identified six domains of competencies that HR professionals must demonstrate to be personally effective and to impact business performance. These competencies are driven by three themes facing businesses today:
    1. Outside-in: which means that HR must turn outside business trends and stakeholder expectations…

  • Creating Confidence in Crisis

    In the face of the most severe economic crisis since the depression of the 1930s, organizations and their leaders worldwide are reeling as they seek to set direction, gain traction and find confidence.

  • Evolving Expertise

    No one can deny the incredible uncertainty global businesses have been facing in the last five years. Their list of challenges grows almost daily: prolonged recession; national and organizational debt crises;
    government bailouts; the Arab Spring and other political uncertainty; rise of cloud technology and social media; and increased employee skills, uncertainty and cynicism. These business contextual changes have required a new set of competencies for HR professionals.

  • Global HR Competencies

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    This work incorporates the participation of HR associations in all major geographies, a wide range of industries, and 20,000 line managers and HR professors and leaders. One of the key strengths that make this latest round of the study powerful is the global reach of the data and the regional breakdown of the results. Global HR Competencies leverages this combination of global scope and local focus to share incredible insights…

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