A Story of Integration.

Norm Smallwood and Dave Ulrich both began their careers as two up-and-comers who had attended the Organizational Behavior graduate program at Brigham Young University. Although they weren’t in the program at the same time, a professor, noticing their similar outlooks, suggested they put their heads together. From there, they teamed up to form The Results-Based Leadership (RBL) Group, a company built on the idea that business development should be focused on business—making sure that all the pieces work together to drive value and, above all, deliver the results that matter. Dave’s academic expertise combined with Norm’s talent for execution resulted in a company that’s research-based with an affinity for application. Simply stated, not only do we have all the research, we know how to help you make it work in the day-to-day operations of your business. That’s our sweet spot—integrating our knowledge and resources with all the ideas that make your organization unique.

Why We're Different

Research and Application

Our people set the agenda in the fields of leadership, human resources, and organization. This means we’re always building the latest research into services that work for you.

Global Resources

We provide you with the expertise and resources of a global company while delivering with the familiarity and flexibility of a local business.


Building a better organization starts with knowing how to make your stakeholders (customers, investors, and employees) happy. We’re the experts in helping you integrate and embed their perspective into all of your organization’s activities.

Why bring together global expertise in leadership development, strategic human
resource management, and high performance organizations?
Simply put, these elements are the fundamental building blocks of transformational change. Since 2000, we’ve been helping companies all around the world implement customer-centric practices to realize their strategy and achieve exceptional results.
Strategic HR

Our Co-founder, Dave Ulrich has been called “the father of modern HR”. He has written a dozen books on what HR become a strategic partner to the business by linking HR practices and perspectives to business results and stakeholder expectations through talent, leadership, and culture.

Leadership & Talent

All of our leadership services are geared toward helping organizations achieve branded leadership that delivers consistent results and stakeholder confidence inside and outside the organization.

Organization Design

We believe that a successful organization has processes, structures, and people that are aligned to build strategic capabilities that help the organization compete and succeed in the market.

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