Organizational Capabilities Audit

An online assessment that measures perceptions of your organization’s strength in each of the twelve organizational capabilities.
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Organizational capabilities are the capstone intangible factor. They represent the ways that people and resources are brought together to accomplish work.

Organizational capabilities include Efficiency, Speed, Customer Connectivity, Quality Mindset, Innovation, Accountability, Collaboration, Leadership, Learning, Social Responsibility, Strategic Alignment, and Talent.
This audit is an online assessment consisting of 67 questions that takes about 15 minutes to complete. The audit is administered to a senior leadership team and can include external stakeholders if desired.

Assessment administrators will send a link that you distribute to survey participants. When participants have completed the online survey, we provide a written report summarizing the results.
The audit identifies your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. These results help you focus your organization’s resources on building those capabilities that are most important for your organization’s success.

Excellence in those capabilities helps you achieve and sustain superior performance. It gives investors confidence in future earnings because organizational capabilities are more difficult for competitors to copy than capital market access, product strategy, or technology.