RBL Leadership Code® 360 Development Offerings

A menu of options to take 360 results from feedback to action by creating an action plan that leverages strengths and focuses on development opportunities that add the most value.
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Individual Development Planning Guides
Independent Development
Cost: lowest, Impact: lowest

The 360 Development Planning Guide is a workbook that helps participants understand the results of their 360 assessment and the basics of effective leadership. It also guides them to create a results-focused development plan and offers tools and suggestions to sustain change. The development planning guide can be customized.
360 Feedback Workshop
Group Development
Cost: medium, Impact: medium

In this half- to full-day workshop, RBL facilitators present an in-depth review of the assessment and results, facilitate interactive exercises, and guide participants through individual development planning.
Each participant will leave the workshop with an action-focused and results-based IDP and a sustaining change toolkit to help maintain focus on completing their IDP. The slides, activities, and participant guide can be customized.
One-On-One Coaching
Guided Individual Development
Cost: highest, Impact: highest

RBL-certified coaches help leaders gain a deeper and more individual understanding of their results and create an action plan. Additional coaching sessions help leaders track progress, work through resistance and roadblocks, and help identify additional development opportunities. Find out more.