Strategic HR

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Human Resources (HR) Business Partner 2.0

The business partner concept has dramatically evolved from roles and outcomes to a logic of how HR delivers value to employees, organizations, customers, investors, and communities through individual talent  leadership throughout an organization, and organization capabilities. HR’s evolution will continue as current business issues place HR center stage (e.g., digital information age, #MeToo movement) and HR needs to continually upgrade to respond; but it is useful to move at this time from business partner 1.0 to business partner 2.0. 

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What Is Your Point-of-View About What’s Next for HR?

When I teach, write, consult, or coach, I am increasingly aware that my primary role in these opportunities is to help others create their point-of-view. I ask, “How can what I know help them further shape what they know, do, and feel?” To help someone develop their point-of-view, I need to be clear (and relatively succinct) about my point-of-view on a topic. 

Building Capability: HR Strategic Partnering

Embedded in the business, the ability of strategic HR partners to rise above the transactional HR demands and become full partners with their business leaders in setting and implementing strategy makes or breaks an HR organization’s strategic contribution.

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Auditing the Effectiveness of Your HR Department

For the last 30 years, the RBL Group has been on the forefront of HR transformation. We believe that HR is not about HR, but HR begins and ends with business. We find that many who focus on HR transformation are focused almost exclusively on how to organize the HR department. We believe in designing the right HR department, but focusing ONLY on the HR department is a narrow focus of the overall effectiveness of HR.