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Keith Lawrence

  • Building A More Agile Organization (RBL Institute Mini-forum, Dec 2014)

    On December 16th, the RBL Institute held a Mini Forum call on “Building a More Agile Organization.”

    We live in a “VUCA” world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous).  Every day brings new, unforeseen and increasingly complex challenges that need to be effectively addressed. A critical role of HR is to champion change, which includes strengthening the organization’s resiliency to succeed in a world of continuous change and uncertainty. This includes helping…

  • Leveraging Agile Talent (Nov 2018)

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    Nearly all contemporary organizations are increasing their use of talent from the outside–by engaging individuals, teams, and even firms in non-traditional work relationships and alternate forms of employment—for strategic ends. This expanding dependence on external resources, along with the greater reliance on highly trained experts, the greater availability of expertise in response to educational and economic opportunity, and the changing interests and expectations of the emerging workforce—add up to the…