Strategic HR

Subtitle: Building HR leaders who shape the strategy of business.

How we help clients:

HR Consulting

When your HR organization needs individualized guidance and counsel, we can provide the diagnosis and direction you need. Our talented experts and dynamic thought leaders provide one-on-one coaching, team development, and organizational design consulting that will empower your HR department to reach greater heights.

HR Development

Our experienced HR consultants and change experts will enable you to upgrade individual skills and organizational practice in meaningful ways. Moving your HR personnel as a group in a particular direction can appear daunting. With our help, you will find HR performance and knowledge improvement, closer alignment with your strategic goals, and the ability to impact internal and external stakeholders in meaningful ways.

Assessments and Audits

Our team of trusted analysts have supported many organizations in their quest to use data to identify areas for improvement and growth. Our data gathering and assessment tools provide insights to a variety of HR and leadership issues. Not only are the instruments rock-solid, but our analysts know what to look for in the data. We provide meaningful and insightful interpretation so that you can use your data to implement meaningful improvement efforts.


HR Business Partnering 2.0 Development Program

We recognize that most organizations need access to an individualized training curriculum to move their personnel forward in a meaningful way. We work with your HR leaders to design custom training programs complete with assessment, data collection, and consulting to maximize personnel development in your organization. In working with hundreds of clients, we have found this personalized approach yields significant results.

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HR Transformation & Alignment

Moving from HR-centric practice to organization-wide and business unit-specific performance requires HR to bend in ways that are sometimes uncomfortable and counterintuitive. Because change in HR systems and culture doesn’t come by mandate, we provide guided diagnosis, design, practice, and transformative experiences throughout the change process.

HR Effectiveness Audit

Blind spots in organizational self-diagnosis are impossible to detect by their very nature. Our HR Effectiveness Audit is designed to bring to light the entire picture of current HR performance within your organization. From there it’s just a short step to creating an improvement plan that will make a real difference.

HR Competency Assessments

The HR competencies defined through Dave Ulrich’s work are only useful to organizations when they understand how effectively their HR professionals implement them. Using our proven and timely assessments, you can come to a rapid understanding of where your organization currently sits on the competency spectrum and what can be done to improve your HR performance in all HR competencies.

The HR Learning Partnership:

The Human Resource Learning Partnership is a premier strategic HR learning experience led by Dave Ulrich. During this week-long experience, Dave and other world class educators provide cutting edge insights while seasoned consultants support the success of real strategic HR projects. We invite you to join over 1,500 participants and 75 companies who have participated in this landmark program over the past 20 years.

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Insights Blog:

How HR Creates (and Destroys) Credibility with Business Leaders

— In our work, we have observed patterns that increase HR's credibility with business leaders and also patterns that erode that credibility.

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The HR Competency Study

In this report, we answer two questions: How do HR professionals deliver value and how do HR departments deliver value? The results simultaneously build upon insights from prior rounds and generate new insights for HR.

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Research Report

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