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2015 HRCS Data Collection Now Closed

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The University of Michigan and the RBL Group have worked for nearly 30 years to study competencies for HR professionals, with a major research wave approximately each 4 to 5 years. For HRCS 2015 the data collection was completed on 15 August 2015. We expect to send out individual reports and organization reports at the beginning of October. Starting in October, regional partners will be holding feedback sessions to present the findings of the study; if you are interested in attending, please see our "Contact Us" page to contact the relevant person for your region.

The HRCS Project Team would also be happy to answer your questions. You can always reach them at hrcs2015@rbl.net (please include your company in the subject line). Answers to FAQs may also be found on the FAQs tab.

Here are some cool facts about the study:

    • Study began in 1987 and has been updated every four to five years since
    • Largest global study on HR with over 55,000 ratings in nearly 30 years
    • Study has helped define and shape the role of HR as a strategic contributor in business operations
    • Dozens of articles, multiple books and dissertations, and hundreds of speeches have resulted from the study
    • Attempts to answer the questions: “What impact does HR have on financial performance? What is HR’s impact on intangible measures of business performance? What knowledge and abilities are necessary for successful HR professionals and HR departments? How are requirements and expectations evolving over time, across industries, by region?”
    • Participating individuals and companies will receive free individual reports and company reports
    • Regional feedback session for a nominal fee starting in the fourth quarter of 2015 hosted by one of our regional partners
    • Study will shape the next five years of the HR profession
    • Study will be fully global including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Oceania, etc.
    • In partnership with professional HR associations around the world
    • Prior studies have produced the well-known books HR Champions, HR Value Proposition, HR Competencies, HR from the Outside In, and Global HR Competencies