Consulting Development Assessment
The RBL Group is a consulting
and development firm. We are
experts in developing leaders,
increasing the contributions of
HR to the business and building
the organization capabilities that
reinforce firm brand identity and
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Leaders matter, but leadership
matters more. We can help your
organization build a leadership
brand that consistently delivers value
to customers and investors and
supports long-term growth.
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HR professionals have more
opportunities than ever to impact
business success. Our focus is
on transformation: turning HR
organizations and professionals into
strategic partners to the business.
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Organization is not structure; it's a
set of capabilities. Our experience
in organization diagnosis and design
can help you identify and build the
capabilities you need to deliver on
your strategy.
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Ideas with Impact Conference
Park City, Utah / October 5-7
The Strategic HR Academy
The RBL Strategic HR Academy is a customized development program that
transforms HR professionals into strategic partners through an integrated
process of assessment, coaching, training, and on-the-job experience.
Explore an interactive site about the Strategic HR Academy.
Now enrolling for the September session.
HRLP is a unique learning experience for senior-level and high-potential HR professionals from
leading global companies. Each session is an intensive 11 day learning consortium involving
participant teams from forward thinking companies.
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The 2015 Human Resource Competency Study
HRCS is the largest global study on HR competencies. It answers the question: What
knowledge and abilities are necessary for successful HR professionals? This latest round
will also study how HR competencies align with intangible business measures.
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