Enterprise Turnaround in a Large Hotel Chain
Business Challenge

The newly appointed CEO of a global hotel chain inherited a business with conflicting strategies, bloated overhead, a deteriorating financial position in the post-9/11 recession, byzantine management processes, a public spinoff within six months, and a looming takeover battle.


By using RBL’s transformation methodology and following a disciplined and structured process, the CEO was able to address all of these issues and establish a redesigned business that was attractive for investors. By working through each of the “pillars of transformation,” senior leaders were able to focus on the most important pieces of the company and create lasting change in a short time period.


This organization was able to redefine their strategy, realign a new leadership team, cut nearly $200 million in overhead, redesign a corporate center and three global regions, defeat a takeover attempt, and successfully spin off from the parent company as planned. By taking careful and dramatic action, they were able to successfully turn around the organization.