HR Business Partnering 2.0 Development Program

This in-house strategic HR program is a vehicle for increasing the impact of the HR Business Partners in your company. It’s a customized development program that transforms HRBPs into strategic partners through an integrated process of assessment, coaching, training, and on-the-job experience.

HRBP 2.0 Program Overview

HR Business Partners continue to be an underutilized resource for strategic leadership within organizations. This underutilization is often due to the disconnect that occurs as HR professionals rise through the ranks between the functions of HR and the purposes of the overall business. This HRBP 2.0 development program focuses on reconnecting HR with business strategy and execution by reframing the perspective of HR to think from the outside, in. Using a combination of personal assessment, action learning, individual coaching, and group instruction; this program can multiply exponentially HRBPs power to impact business productivity and results.

The HRBP 2.0 development program is a three-day learning and growing experience that helps HRBPs reach their full potential within their organization. The days can be scheduled consecutively or individually. All participants will undergo a 360 assessment specific to their HR roles and responsibilities, create an action plan for development, and gain insight into their development area through specific training elements and personalized coaching.

Before the workshop begins each participant takes a 360 evaluation of his or her strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness—specifically tied to the work they do as an HR Business Partner. Each individual receives a coaching session to review the results and begin to create a plan for personal improvement.

This type of strategic HR training is also available in a virtual instructor-led version. We're happy to discuss whatever best meets your needs.

Day 1: The Outside-in Mindset

The workshop begins with participants learning to re-frame their role from an outside-in perspective, to measure themselves against the challenges faced by the organization, and how to develop stronger business acumen to understand the whole of the organization better. To facilitate learning, we use a variety of training elements including simulations, application to current projects the participants bring, hands-on exercises, video vignettes and discussion.

Day 2: Capabilities That Drive Results

The second day builds on the first. In this workshop, the focus is how to discover and develop capabilities that drive the culture of your organization. Once we are clear and aligned on those capabilities, HR can align their programs and processes to drive them throughout the organization. We’ll also discuss how capabilities are used to design and realize an agile organization, and how we measure and analyze our progress to results.

Day 3: Skills of a Successful HRBP

To be effective, HRBPs must be able to influence those they work with—many times without authority. We’ll discuss skills and principles to prepare for effective influence including: diagnosis of business needs, stakeholder understanding, curiosity through questioning, a framework for influence, storytelling, and improving our skill sets around coaching business leaders. We’ll conclude with individual action planning and next steps for each of the participants.

Client Case Study:

Exelon's Mighty HRBPs

At Exelon, leaders wanted to see their already high-performing team of HRBPs reach the next level of organizational leadership and support. Here’s a glimpse into how we helped create a new generation of powerful and effective HRBPs within their organization.