The Strategic HR Academy

The Strategic HR Academy is a vehicle for increasing the impact of the HR professionals in your company. It’s a customized development program that transforms HR professionals intro strategic partners through an integrated process of assessment, coaching, training, on-the-job experience, and measurement.

Academy Overview

HR Business Partners are an underutilized resource for leadership within organizations. This underutilization is often due to the disconnect that occurs as HR professionals rise through the ranks between the functions of HR and the purposes of the overall business. This HR Academy focuses on reconnecting HR with business strategy and execution by reframing the perspective of HR to think from the outside in. Using a combination of personal assessment, action research, individual coaching, and group instruction, this HR Academy can multiply exponentially HRBPs power to impact business productivity.

The HR Academy is a two-part learning and growing experience that helps HRBPs reach their full potential within their organization. The two parts can be scheduled consecutively or individually.

Module 1: Personal Power

This initial workshop begins with each participant taking a 360 evaluation of his or her strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness. Subsequently, the participants learn to re-frame their role from an outside-in perspective, to diagnose issues within organizations, to measure themselves against the challenges faced by the organization, and how to develop responses to issues and communicate those responses to leadership. To facilitate this work, participants will go through an action learning project and receive individual coaching.

Module 2: Charged Change

The second workshop builds on the first (but doesn’t rely on its content). In this workshop, the focus is how to design and implement change, develop aligned talent acquisition and engagement strategies to augment change, and to help participants use coaching as a tool for self-development and organizational improvement.

Action Learning Presentation and Post-Report Webinar:

After the second module, participants will make their action learning presentations. These presentations will be conducted with leadership from the participants’ organization which will be scheduled during the set-up of the academy. After all presentations have been given, a follow-up webinar will allow the participants to share their learning experience with their peers, reflect on the process, and ask follow-up questions.

Client Case Study:

Exelon's Mighty HRBPs

At Excelon, leaders wanted to see their already high-performing team of HRBPs reach the next level of organizational leadership and support. Here’s a glimpse into how we helped create a new generation of powerful and effective HRBPs within their organization.