The HR Learning Partnership

Upcoming 2019 Session:

HRLP is a premier strategic HR learning experience which enables HR professionals to accelerate their ability to impact the bottom line of their organizations and its customers and investors. Planted squarely at the intersection of a Playbook of content and a Project with strategic impact, world class educators provide cutting edge insights and seasoned consultants support the success of strategic projects to assure your HR professionals know how to use ideas that elevate impact.

HRLP Overview

HRLP provides a unique learning experience for senior-level and high-potential HR professionals from leading global companies. Each session is an intensive eight-day learning consortium involving participant teams from forward thinking companies. HRLP weaves together three streams of activities: playbook, project, and personal.

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1. The Playbook

This year’s programs offer a completely refreshed curriculum. HR teams from leading companies will learn from world-class educators, and each other in eight intensive days. They are constantly challenged to apply current topics in real-time to their teams, their HR functions, and their organizations. Encouraged to think like business leaders, HR professionals stretch their ability to impact the workforce and the success of the firm. To sustain and share learning, each core topic is supplemented by podcasts participants can use to refresh their memory or to share with others inside their organization.

Key topics include: taking an outside-in perspective, building an agile organization, defining and building potential, technology-enabled business and HR, building growth mindsets, your HR competencies, collaboration, influence and persuasion, and strategic HR metrics.

2. Company Project

Seasoned consultants coach the team on business critical projects scoped to have real business impact. Before, during, and after the program, project coaches work with the team sponsor to identify an impactful project and then challenge, supplement, and support the team as they gather data, frame solutions, and apply their learnings in a real-world, high-visibility context. After the program, coaches continue to support teams as they take their projects back to implement them.

Instead of bringing outside consultants in, send an internal team to solve your toughest HR business challenges.

3. Personal Growth

In addition to ideas and impact, participants gain greater self-knowledge through 360 assessments combined with both professional and personal coaching. They also build new relationships, expanding their external professional network to include senior-level colleagues at other organizations.


Dave Ulrich

Program Co-Director

Leads global thought and transformation of business leadership ideas through research and development, seeking new ideas that tackle some of the world’s thorniest and longest standing challenges.

Erin Burns

Program Co-Director

Draws out organizational strengths through assessment and evaluation of individual and organizational skills to drive strategic development of particular departments and entire companies.

The HR Learning Partnership is held at
Hotel Park City in Park City, Utah

What past participants have said about HRLP:

“Although it is a significant personal and organizational commitment to spend that amount of time, I can definitely say that it was well worth the investment. You and the entire team certainly challenged us to think different, not be complacent with the status quo, and understand the potential role and impact that HR should have in achieving business results.”

― Michael Tuller, PepsiCo

“I can honestly say that the time I spent with you was the most beneficial experience I have had so far, both professionally and personally. Looking back, there isn’t one part of the program that wasn’t valuable to me.”

― Ed Daech, Ascension

“It was a wonderful experience to go away and delve deeply into the areas which interest me the most in my professional life. The whole experience was intense, informative and challenging and I have taken back some very important nuggets which I will cherish, and learn and grow from on both a personal and professional level. Thank you.”

― Esther Girfis, Kinross

Alumni companies: 3M, Ascension Health, American Express, Applied Materials, AstraZeneca, Avanade, BASF, Baxter Healthcare, BBC, Black & Veatch, Boeing, British Telecom, Campbell Soup, Capital One, Cardinal Health, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, Dignity Health, Dupont, Eli Lilly, Flex, Ford, GE, Gilead Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline, General Motors, Herman Miller, HP, Humana, ICI, ICICI Bank, Ingersoll Rand, Intel, Invensys, Johnson & Johnson, Juniper Networks, Kinross, Lafarge, Logica, Lucent Technologies, Maersk, McKesson, Motorola, MSCI, Nokia, Nokia-Siemens Network, Oracle, Owens Corning, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, PraxAir, Quantum, Rio Tinto, Saudi Aramco, Sears, Shaw Communications, Shell Oil, Staples, Statoil, Time Warner, UBS, Unilever, UPS, Walgreen's, Westinghouse, Williams Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people should we send?

This is a team-based experience and we price it according to your company sending a team of 5 people.

Can we send individuals?

We believe it strengthens your delegates to have common experience with others in the company, and thus have designed our program so that you send a team of delegates.

When is the deadline to register for the program?

We do cap the program at 8 companies and will keep places open until all slots are filled. Because of the preparation time needed, both for your participants and to designate a project for the session, we recommend program confirmation usually by 3 months out before a program starts. We can be somewhat flexible with that.

What kind of Project should we designate for our delegates to tackle?

We consider the Project to be a major part of the program. Your team will work on the Project during the session. We hope that you are able to select a project which will be implemented (or continued developing) upon the return of your delegates. Because of the project coaching and development during the program, we encourage companies to consider a project that has significant impact on the company (one that you would have spent $150–200k on consulting if not for this program). A list of previously tackled projects is available upon your request.

What individual development is designed into the program?

Each delegate will complete a 360-degree feedback survey. An individual coaching session (for those who desire it) with Dave Ulrich is also built into the program. Additionally, we have modules on coaching, change, and career path that are designed with individual progression in mind.