Strategic HR Academy

The Strategic HR Academy is a customized development program that transforms HR professionals into strategic partners through an integrated process of assessment, coaching, training, on-the-job experience, and measurement.
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HR professionals who contribute to business performance center their mindset on the goals of the business. The HR Academy is a vehicle for developing this mindset and increasing the impact of the HR professionals in your company.

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When you partner with RBL to develop an HR Academy, we have only one goal: create a program that enables your HR professionals to deliver value to your organization. Design Process Infographic
Eight Strategic Partnering workshops for
customized development experiences.
We collaborate with your team to determine
how to adapt the content to meet the
unique needs of your organization
Application assignments, action learning
projects, and individual coaching.


Our Assessments help HR professionals identify opportunities for growth and learn how to utilize their expanding roles to meet broader business challenges. Request an assessment demo


Based on the results of the assessments, participants work with coaches to create an Individual Development Plan that identifies experiential learning opportunities and provides a blueprint for meeting their individual development goals. Sample Development Plan


Participants will attend a series of customized HR Strategic Partnering workshops incorporating theory, tools, and application of the competencies needed to create value for the business. Workshop Components


Participants implement lessons learned in the classroom by working in groups on projects sponsored by their leaders that address current business issues and deliver tangible impact. Sample Action Learning Projects


At the end of the program, participants engage in a 360 follow-up assessment to help articulate the progress made throughout the development experience and share the impact of the program on their work in HR. See case study


All participants who demonstrate improvement attend a graduation event where they can share the results of their projects, hear from their leaders, and highlight their accomplishments. Sample Graduation Certificate

Sample Academy Timeline

Participant Portal

All participants in your organization's HR Academy will receive access to a customized online portal that contains logistical information, course materials, additional resources, and more detail about specific components of the Academy. Explore the participant portal

Start Elevating HR Contribution.

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Designing an Academy
Designing the right development program starts with exploring your options. We offer eight HR strategic partnering workshops that you can choose from to build a curriculum that will best meet your organization's development needs.
Next, we'll consider your goals for the development program and figure out which combination of workshops will help you achieve them. We'll also work to customize the content and structure of these workshops to fit your organization's unique situation.
Together, we'll build the workshops into a full academy experience that incorporates assessments, application assignments, individual coaching, and action learning projects that will address specific needs and help your professionals deliver the results that matter.
Measurement Strategy
Evaluating the success of your program depends on the measures you look at. Here is an example of a measurement
strategy that could be used to evaluate the program at different levels in the organization.
  • Completion of Individual Development Plan
  • Scores on HRCS competency follow-up surveys
  • Change in ready status
Project Teams
  • Completion of action-learning project
  • Total cost savings or revenue generated from action-learning project
  • Pre- and post-module sill confidence ratings
  • Employee engagement score of participants
  • Turnover ratio of participants (before/after, compared to control group)
  • Group scores on HRCS follow-up surveys
  • Backup ratios for critical jobs
  • Average time to market for new products
Development Plan (Sample)
Module Components
Individual Work
Reflection and application exercises help participants connect coursework to their individual challenges and situations.
Group Discussions
Discussing the material in a group setting allows participants to gain perspective on broader organizational issues.
Case Studies
Custom or standard business cases help participants understand how the material operates in real organizational context.
Video Cases
Video cases illustrate and emphasize the concepts being discussed.
Skill Building
These exercises give participants the opportunity to practice using the tools they are learning and receipve feedback from other participants.
Simulations of real organizational environments allow participants to use the tools and frameworks in a controlled setting.
Interactive games and activities help participants engage with principles from the material.
Action Learning Projects
Develop an inventory of current compensation and benefit practices across current business units. Develop a proposal for best common practices and minimum specifications.
Develop a Leadership Brand proposition and align competency and development frameworks.
Develop an overarching employer brand/employee value proposition to guide HR policy and practice.
Inventory of current HRIS capability and practices, development of enterprise minimum standards and reporting formats for easy integration.
Develop a process and straw model for an over-arching Firm Brand.
Develop or improve a performance management process for one or multiple business units.
Develop a best practices recruiting process through review of existing enterprise, business unit and external models.