The RBL Group was founded in 2000 with the intention of bringing a greater focus on results to the field of leadership development. Our initial work in Results-Based Leadership led us to further research into additional factors that influenced corporate value, but weren’t reflected in the “bottom-line” and led us to identify what we called an architecture for intangibles as well as several key intangibles that leaders can use as levers to build intangible value in their organizations (How Leaders Build Value). Our concept of leadership brand—then and now—argues for an integration of results and competencies: the best leaders build competencies so that they can deliver results.

As we presented our ideas about intangible value to corporate leaders around the globe, we found our frameworks resonated with their experiences. In response to increasing demand from our clients, and aligned with our goal of helping clients create sustainable value, we have experienced significant growth in the last few years. In expanding our services, we have brought together seasoned, experienced colleagues and services that complement each other and help our clients better leverage intangibles to create sustainable value.

One key area of sustainable value is in assisting organizations to develop a more strategic Human Resource function. The results organizations can achieve by ensuring the alignment of their people practices with their overall business strategy can significantly improve bottom-line results. In the last five years we have gained expert capability in this area by bringing in colleagues with a deep knowledge of the issues and of how to work with clients to create Human Resource functions that continually deliver value to the business.

In addition to our internal expertise, The RBL Group continues to partner with a variety of organizations to deliver the results our clients need.

Why bring together global expertise in leadership brand, strategic human resource management, and high performance organizations? Simply put, these elements are the fundamental building blocks of transformational change, the soft but vital stuff that enables companies to realize their strategy and achieve exceptional results.

We have built a global firm of thought leaders and practitioners who consult broadly, are sought after to speak and write, and know how to collaborate with clients to build high-performing firms that achieve results in the marketplace. We look forward to the future and to the challenges and opportunities it will bring as we partner with our clients to create value, leverage intangibles, and achieve sustained results.