Strategy Integration & Business Design

Strategy integration and organization design to deliver technical and cultural capabilities.

The most successful organizations understand what differentiates them from competitors. They know why customers choose them over the competition. And they design their organizations to strengthen and prioritize the core technical and cultural capabilities that make them unique in the marketplace.

Design is not an end, but a means to executing your strategy.

Connecting organization design to strategy and capability can be difficult. Companies often struggle with a common set of issues and concerns, including:

  • How many businesses do we have and what is the role of the enterprise versus the business?
  • How do we clarify our business model and strategy to connect it with the design of the organization?
  • How to optimize structure to balance ongoing tensions between function/geography/product, centralized/decentralized, global/local, etc.
  • How do we organize to enable growth?
  • How do we restructure and do reductions in a strategic way?
  • How do we get better alignment with support work?
  • How do we streamline the organization and eliminate handoffs?
  • How do we increase integration and improve collaboration across structures?

Optimize the capabilities that drive advantage for your business.

At RBL, our goal is to create organizations optimally designed to deliver targeted, distinctive technical and cultural capabilities that meet customer expectations, keep promises, and instill confidence. Using the outside-in, systems-based approach that is central to our philosophy, we help you clarify the critical customer demands and external opportunities that should shape your strategy and the way your people deliver it and interact with stakeholders. Then we guide you in designing an organization that allows you to most effectively put that strategy into execution.

A core part of this work is prioritizing your critical technical and cultural capabilities. We help you put structure around the work that matters most, including defining key roles and accountabilities. And we align core processes and support functions to help enable this work, clarifying which way direction requirements should flow: from the critical capability work out to the support functions.

Achieve your ideal future.

In each initiative, we encourage you to design for your ideal future and challenge you not to limit decisions based on current capability, current roles, or current structure. When you design for what you aspire to achieve, you have the framework in place to realize your highest possible performance. This helps all departments and people with the organization maintain focus and work more collaboratively toward helping the business distinguish itself and achieve its most important strategic goals.