Top Companies for Leaders 2009

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In 2009, The RBL Group again partnered with Hewitt and Fortune for a comprehensive study to identify firms who excel at developing leaders.   
How It Worked
Surveys from more than 500 global companies were gathered and screened for practices consistent with being able to attract, retain, and develop future leaders. Further analysis and data gathering took place on a select list of finalists who were then reviewed by a panel of respected and independent judges. These judges determined the final list of 25 Global Top Companies for Leaders. This final list was also ranked by four geographical regions: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. 

Rankings were based on strength of leadership practices and culture, examples of leader development on a global scale, impact of leadership in communities in which they operate, business performance, and company reputation. One distinguishing characteristic was the ability for these top companies to stay committed to building leadership in the current economic downturn. 

The RBL Group calls these top companies “leader-feeder” organizations because they have the ability to recognize leadership potential and build a comprehensive development plan for their high potential future leaders.  These companies also understand a fundamental key to leadership brand: developing leaders to embody the promises your company makes to its customers and investors can set a company’s leaders apart.  We congratulate them.

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