How can we link our talent management efforts to customer satisfaction during difficult times?

Nov 2009

Most of us know the old saying, “Take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves.” But in more and more companies around the world, strategically-minded human resources leaders are turning this adage on its head. The new mantra is, “Take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves.”

The Big Things  
The “big” systems…

Does your leadership competency model help your leaders deliver the right results?

Oct 2009

The logic for what makes an effective competency model has shifted recently to include a greater focus on what makes leaders at your organization different than leaders at other organizations.  By adding a critical set of differentiated leadership competencies that ensure customer loyalty and investor confidence in an organization’s quality of leadership, leaders are more likely to know and do work that delivers value to customers.

The implication of…

When downsizing an organization, how do we ensure we are cutting the right jobs?

Aug 2009

This is a great question, and one that is particularly relevant in today’s economy. We have found that while most managers agree that strategy drives structure, this is often forgotten in times of turbulence and staff reductions. In truth, being clear about strategy and the implications on structure and staffing is every bit as important during downsizing as it is during periods of growth. It is more time-consuming than deciding…

How do we get our business partners to take an interest in Organization Development?

Jul 2009

One experience may be worth a thousand words.

Some years ago I met with a general manager to get his perspective on the organization’s difficulties in meeting its business goals. Because my title had “Training & Development” in it, he assumed I wanted a review of his business unit’s training and OD activities. He met me with his T&OD manager in tow and said that his associate would be…

What do leaders need to pay special attention to during transitions?

Apr 2009

Transition requires leaders to be extraordinarily disciplined around the five basic rules of leadership.  Under stress, the tendency for most folks will be to play to their strengths – to do what they are best at.  Too often, that is holding small, high level meetings.  We have been hearing a lot of stories about leadership teams holed up in their boardrooms, trying to figure out a plan for going forward. …

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