What does it take to be a Business Partner?

Jul 2010

QUESTION:  What does it take to be a Business Partner?

ANSWER:  The business world is filled with jargon and fads. A phrase heard frequently these days is: “You need to be a business partner!” Although one can quickly dismiss a fad, each contains a grain of enduring truth. For example, Management by Objectives (MBO) was a big deal some years ago. One doesn’t hear too much about it now, but…

What does a successful HR Transformation look like?  (RBL Institute Q&A, June 2010)

Jun 2010

QUESTION: What does a successful HR Transformation look like?

ANSWER: We found that there are four phases to an HR transformation:
1. Context: HR transformation begins by knowing the context of the business that explains why the transformation is occurring
2. Outcomes: HR transformation requires clear outcomes from the transformation. These outcomes are the capabilities the company needs to succeed and become the deliverables of HR.

How does Organization Development fit in with the rest of what HR does? How should it be structured?

May 2010

Question:  How does Organization Development fit in with the rest of what HR does?  How should it be structured?

Answer:  These questions come to us more frequently than ever before. They are provoked by a fast-changing global marketplace that is making many traditional organizational structures obsolete.

What should we do with Organization Development? First, let me offer a definition of what I think OD is. OD is a body of…

How do we create the ideal culture for our company?

Apr 2010

For the last twenty years, partners at the RBL group have conducted the Human Resource Competency Study. One clearly visible performance differentiator is the extent to which HR professionals work with line managers to define and deliver high performing business cultures.  With clients throughout the world, we find that the creation of the ideal corporate culture continues as major defining agenda for many companies and their HR departments. 


How do we assess and improve the quality of our talent efforts?

Mar 2010

Recent criticisms of talent programs and accusations of excessive compensation and overstaffing have led some human resource leaders to question the real value of their talent management efforts. HR professionals who are architects of talent management and line managers who are owners need to ensure that talented employees deliver value in good times and protect the company in bad times. As we start to see signs of economic recovery, this…

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