Leadership Diagnostic: Improving your Organization’s Capability

Identify the leadership investments that will create the greatest value for your organization by diagnosing the gaps in your current leadership initiatives.
Our Leadership Brand diagnostic includes internal and external interviews, a Leadership Brand benchmark survey, and data gathering. In the end, we provide a final report with clearly identified strengths and improvement recommendations for each of the six elements.
RBL’s Leadership Brand Audit measures your organization’s performance on 37 items associated with strong leadership development practices. The report compares your scores to global averages and the scores of Top Companies for Leaders global finalists.
RBL research has found that companies who are recognized for the quality of the leadership systems have two things in common: they create more value than other companies in their industry and they do a better job at systematically incorporating the six elements of what we call Leadership Brand. Knowing where to invest scarce leadership resources can put you on the path to higher stakeholder confidence and higher P/E ratios.