Executive Briefing: HR Competency Research

An interactive introduction to the HR competencies that will help shape the future of HR and further define the contributions that HR makes to business success.
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Two-hour to full-day workshops that include topics such as the business context for more strategic HR, review of the research and how expectations for HR have changed, individual and/or departmental strengths and developmental priorities, and action planning.

Group size is discretionary; groups can be as small as a team and as large as 100 people.
The University of Michigan and RBL HR Competency Study is the largest and longest-running global study of HR competencies. This study has set the agenda for HR professionals for over 25 years by outlining what HR needs to do to contribute to business success. For more information, see hrcs.rbl.net
Understanding how HR contributes to the business allows your HR professionals and the HR organization as a whole to know how to focus time and resources on the HR activities with the biggest impact on customers and investors.